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SEO Rockwall is a home grown SEO company in Rockwall, Texas. We are located in Rockwall and bring you hometown search engine optimization at affordable prices.

Hi, my name is Bill Elsenrath the owner of SEO Rockwall Texas. I have been in the website design and SEO business for over 15 years. Although I have mostly done my work for personal and business websites I own. Now I have started up a search engine optimization and marketing company to help others needing a cost effective way of ranking their websites in the major search engines.

To get on the the top page of Google usually takes a lot of time and work. In many cases it's almost impossible to rank in the 1st ten results of any search engine much less Google.

Take my website as an example. I am able to rank for the search terms "seo rockwall" a lot easier then "seo dallas" due to the number of businesses in Dallas that do SEO and are all competing for a top 10 listing. Personally I try to shoot for #1 position and hope to get into the top 3 positions where 80% of the traffic comes from.

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