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Social sites have their own Search engines

Social Networking Service Known As SNS

A social networking service is also known as SNS. SNS is an online platform that people can use to build different social networks or social relationships with other people, organizations and businesses. People share similar career and personal content, activities, interests, backgrounds and/or real-life connections. Each social networking service vary in their format and the number of features they offer.

Social networking sites are applications and websites that let users, organizations and businesses communicate, connect and share information to form relationships. Websites and apps like LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and many others allow people to connect with other people and businesses in the same area and those with similar interest. These sites are also a type of search engine. Many people use social sites in much the same way they use the Google search to find things of interest.

Connect With The Main Social Sites

As a business you may want to connect with the main social sites by adding your business. You will then add your business information along with pictures to the social site. Social sites are on most peoples cell phone and these sites are used constantly.

Pinterest - Twitter - Instagram Facebook - LinkedIn - And Others

Each one of these social networking sites have their own search engine that is optimized with their search results. LinkedIn is an employment and business social media platform that works through mobile applications and websites. The platform is mainly used for professionals to network and allows people looking for jobs to put up their CVs and employers to do job posting. All these sites have similar aps with a twist to it.

Five Types Of Social Media

Social Networking - Facebook
Photo Sharing -
Video Sharing - YouTube, Viemo
Interactive Media
Blogging/Community Building - LinkedIn

Social Networking And Sharing Sites

Below are some of the top social networking sites for information, picture and job sharing. Social networking websites and apps allow people and businesses to communicate, connect, share info and form relationships. People can get connected to others in areas like families, friends, and with people having the same interests. Social networks are now the most important ways to share information and news on the internet today.


Facebook is a social networking site that lets users post comments, chat live, share photographs and post links to news or other interesting content on the Internet.


Twitter is a microblogging site that uses short messages called tweets to communicate with people about news and other interesting content.


You can use LinkedIn to connect and strengthen your professional relationships, find a job or internship and learn many skills you may need to succeed in your career.


Pinterest is a social media and image sharing service made for sharing images and information on the internet. Pictures of interest can be pinned on your board and shared with others.